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I was a "Beauty Consultant" for Timeless Secret Skin Care. If you haven't heard of it yet it is because their infomercials haven't aired yet (October 2008) but they will soon. Avoid this product and the companies Beach Body, Product Partners and Breakthrough in Beauty at all costs.

Product Partners knows nothing about skin care but they make so much money screwing people over with their Beach Body products that they figured they would venture into skin care.

They hire people through temp agencies so they don't have to pay well and offer benefits. I worked there for less than 2 months. In the second week we had a MANDATORY training session in which we had to try the skin care products - foaming face wash, day and night moisturizers, exfoliating scrub and an eye makeup remover.

I went home that evening after work and woke up from a nap with eyes swollen nearly shut. That lasted for 5 days. I also got dry patches of skin all over my face, burns, and a visible cyst under my eye from using the product. The manager said I could see a dermatologist and the company would pay but never made any attempt to speak to anyone above her to make this happen.

A couple of weeks later the dry skin patches and the cyst was getting I asked one of the other direct managers if they can take the steps to get the paperwork needed so I can see a dermatologist, as promised. She spoke to a manager of Product Partners and promptly told me I needed to leave and go speak to a woman at the temp agency. My "assignment was terminated." The f'n fired me!

When I went to see a dermatologist he asked that I provide him with the ingredients to the product. The company REFUSED to supply me with this information!!!

Timeless Secret RUINED my skin. It is now three months later and I have not been able to use any makeup or other skin care products. The dry patches just keep getting worse. Due to the fact that the infomercial hasn't aired VERY FEW people have tried this product, yet we got a number of complaints regarding it "burning" or "irritating" their skin.

This company as a whole chooses to be very dishonest...about product ingredients and sales. They automatically enroll you in an autoship program which means they charge your credit card and send you product. The autoship program is NOT clearly explained on their website. As a customer service representative for them I tried VERY HARD to get them to be more honest about this and make it CLEAR before people purchase, but the Senior Brand Manager, Heather Lavey, insists that this is how they will make the most money and, thus, they will just hope that people don't notice the charges and don't cancel.

They do the same thing with vitamins they add as an upsell...the sell them to you the first time for $1 then start charging almost $30. In order to make even more they PRETEND they have separate customer service personnel for the vitamins. Their thinking is that customers will "be too lazy" to call the another customer service number to cancel both the vitamins and Timeless Secret. They also send the vitamins separate from the product in order to suck a few more dimes out of customers.

This company is JUST starting out and already having issues with skin irritation. The infomercials were supposed to air at the end of July and they still haven't...that may be because of all the complaints. PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS skin was so nice before I used this product and now it looks like *** - all dry and scaly. Not to mention how they treat the people that work for them.

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I'm waiting my order its almost 4 month please contacted me


I am not affiliated with Timeless Secret or any of their companies.I just wanted to toss in my two cents after reading what I think is a tragically inaccurate review of skin care I absolutely love.

I found this page by doing a Google search for "Timeless Secret is awesome" because that is how I feel and I wanted to read other women's success stories and share mine. When I found this page I thought how sad if there are people who do not try this wonderful skin care system due to this one disgruntled review.

Read more reviews and you will see how amazingly well this product has worked for so many people, myself included.I plan to use it as long as they keep making it -- it is that good.


Mgme is telling the truth about the callous management style that is frequently seen on display with Product Partners and their various affiliates--e.g. Beach Body, Timeless Secret.

They contract with an agency that provides them with temps who are specifically trained to unwittingly sign people up for products they rarely need or want. It is all a scam that is designed to fleece people out of their money.

A key assumption on their part is that people don't pay too close an attention to their credit card statements to notice that they're being charged up the wazoo for a $30 bottle of multivitamins.

DO NOT purchase any of their products over the phone. If you really want to try an exercise program or beauty supplement of theirs, go through Amazon instead. That way you're not dealing with someone trained to add unnecessary items to your purchase.




I have been using the products for a month now and like them.I have used everything and some products are better than others.

So far I don't see a dramatic change but I do take care of my skin so maybe not much improvement will happen unless I get surgery.

The one thing I found is the Polish Scrub needs to be kept away from the eyes and the lips for me, it cause a little dryness and a fever sore on my lip which happens when I use anything with Retinol.I did order the next order and going to give it another 3 months.


Im only posting cause i find this sad and a bias negative opinion from a crazy disgruntle employee being dished out as truth.I came across this looking for information on my old job description working with Timeless Secret as a beauty rep.

The GIRL and i stress "girl" who wrote this, "Mgme" had way more issues than just her skin. As customer service reps we are to be polite, patient, active listeners and compassionate amongst other things. She was simply a mean bi-polar crazy dramatic ***. She was constantly arguing with other beauty reps on non related work issues arguing with trainers for the amount of skin care research and competitive product research we had to do (which was ALL we had to do while getting paid $12 dollars a hour) to be informed and best assist the customers when they do start calling.

The product hadnt really launched yet, no infomercial was aired so there were no real customers, and we were "customer service reps" so u can imagine our work load was fairly easy. She was a negative nagging energy with a smug attitude and was always stirring up drama and problems amongst our team then would complain no one likes her. Aside from all of that.. 1) she claimed during the first day of our training that she was allergic to grass, dirt, milk and sunlight...

that shouldve been a redflag for her to NOT use the product given such sensitive skin issues. They did urge us to try the products (but this was not MANDATORY) for familiarity on...

so removing that couldve been partly the problem but there was NO SWELLING OR EYES SHUT. i saw her everyday it wasnt like she described at all. Management asked her if she wanted to see a dermatologist that they would pay for it and she REFUSED just complained!! She was through a temp agency as a lot of us were and weeks after her breaking out she was fired on an unrelated issue from causing drama, missing days of work, and seemingly trying to get some one else fired.

The product itself really worked. I instantly noticed the brightness and firming of my own skin. I no longer work for this company and left simply cuz of better job offers so i dont continue to use it cuz personally its an unnecessary cost to me at this point cuz im young and really dont have wrinkles to address yet. but i would recommend this for others with those skin concerns looking for a healthy regimen.

ive ordered it for relatives that continue to use it and love it. Be careful when choosing skin care not everything works the same for everybody and with anything you order on tv or online u gotta read the fine print and pay attention to what you are agreeing to. it is their job to upsell you and enroll u into continuities so just be smart. and if you arent pleased simply call them back cuz its also their job to comply with what YOU WANT at the end of the day!

This was a bad representation of the company. I would like to say this is why you cant just trust what you read off of the internet.

some people have personal agendas and serious issues.Hope this was helpful

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Timeless Secret is f'ing awesome! It works just fine for me. Sorry to hear you had such a horrible experience, Mgme.


Gees..I knew that this was fraudulent!I have been waiting and waiting for my THANK GOD I don't think it went through...HAS anyone noticed they don't have an area for you to check your order????

Thank you to the employee...I won't get this junk.

Have you ever gotten an attorney or this..???I sure hope so.


I was thinking of ordering after I saw the commercial, but am thinking otherwise after reading the comment from the past employee.Why did you not seek out an attorney for this problem.

At the very least they should have paid for you to see a doctor.

I don't believe she is trying to give the company a bad name, just for the *** of it. Really, this sort of stuff happens all the time people! Thanks for the internet so the word gets out.

I don't care if she has "sensitive" skin or not, this company should not have treated her like this. It goes to show you how they would treat a customer also if there was a problem.

Don't need it!I will stick to the Murad products I use that work great for me.


I absolutely LOVE Timeless Secret. I've been using it for a little more than 2 years, and my skin is so firm and has great elasticity. My fine lines and wrinkles have diminished, and even my neck skin has tightened and looks better than it did 10 years ago. I receive compliments on my skin all the time.

Yes, I will admit that I think that the "14-Day Claim to Fame" is a little rediculous. I think Timeless Secret would be better off if they stated that consistant use over a 1 year period of time will show significant results, but then, would you have tried it. Let's face it, we all want a quick fix. BUT, I've learned that with weight loss and skin care, there is NO quick fix that will provide long-term results.

Come on, let's get real and give 100% of our efforts to these products.

I LOVE MY SKIN. I plan to use Timeless Secret until it is no longer provided.

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