Product Partners - Timeless Secret BURNED my skin then fired me!

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I was a "Beauty Consultant" for Timeless Secret Skin Care. If you haven't heard of it yet it is because their infomercials haven't aired yet (October 2008) but they will soon. Avoid this product and the companies Beach Body, Product Partners and Breakthrough in Beauty at all costs.

Product Partners knows nothing about skin care but they make so much money screwing people over with their Beach Body products that they figured they would venture into skin care.

They hire people through temp agencies so they don't have to pay well and offer benefits. I worked there for less than 2 months. In the second week we had a MANDATORY training session in which we had to try the skin care products - foaming face wash, day and night moisturizers, exfoliating scrub and an eye makeup remover.

I went home that evening after work and woke up from a nap with eyes swollen nearly shut. That lasted for 5 days. I also got dry patches of skin all over my face, burns, and a visible cyst under my eye from using the product. The manager said I could see a dermatologist and the company would pay but never made any attempt to speak to anyone above her to make this happen.

A couple of weeks later the dry skin patches and the cyst was getting I asked one of the other direct managers if they can take the steps to get the paperwork needed so I can see a dermatologist, as promised. She spoke to a manager of Product Partners and promptly told me I needed to leave and go speak to a woman at the temp agency. My "assignment was terminated." The f'n fired me!

When I went to see a dermatologist he asked that I provide him with the ingredients to the product. The company REFUSED to supply me with this information!!!

Timeless Secret RUINED my skin. It is now three months later and I have not been able to use any makeup or other skin care products. The dry patches just keep getting worse. Due to the fact that the infomercial hasn't aired VERY FEW people have tried this product, yet we got a number of complaints regarding it "burning" or "irritating" their skin.

This company as a whole chooses to be very dishonest...about product ingredients and sales. They automatically enroll you in an autoship program which means they charge your credit card and send you product. The autoship program is NOT clearly explained on their website. As a customer service representative for them I tried VERY HARD to get them to be more honest about this and make it CLEAR before people purchase, but the Senior Brand Manager, Heather Lavey, insists that this is how they will make the most money and, thus, they will just hope that people don't notice the charges and don't cancel.

They do the same thing with vitamins they add as an upsell...the sell them to you the first time for $1 then start charging almost $30. In order to make even more they PRETEND they have separate customer service personnel for the vitamins. Their thinking is that customers will "be too lazy" to call the another customer service number to cancel both the vitamins and Timeless Secret. They also send the vitamins separate from the product in order to suck a few more dimes out of customers.

This company is JUST starting out and already having issues with skin irritation. The infomercials were supposed to air at the end of July and they still haven't...that may be because of all the complaints. PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS skin was so nice before I used this product and now it looks like *** - all dry and scaly. Not to mention how they treat the people that work for them.

Review about: Timeless Secret.



I'm waiting my order its almost 4 month please contacted me


I am not affiliated with Timeless Secret or any of their companies.I just wanted to toss in my two cents after reading what I think is a tragically inaccurate review of skin care I absolutely love.

I found this page by doing a Google search for "Timeless Secret is awesome" because that is how I feel and I wanted to read other women's success stories and share mine. When I found this page I thought how sad if there are people who do not try this wonderful skin care system due to this one disgruntled review.

Read more reviews and you will see how amazingly well this product has worked for so many people, myself included.I plan to use it as long as they keep making it -- it is that good.


Mgme is telling the truth about the callous management style that is frequently seen on display with Product Partners and their various affiliates--e.g. Beach Body, Timeless Secret.

They contract with an agency that provides them with temps who are specifically trained to unwittingly sign people up for products they rarely need or want. It is all a scam that is designed to fleece people out of their money.

A key assumption on their part is that people don't pay too close an attention to their credit card statements to notice that they're being charged up the wazoo for a $30 bottle of multivitamins.

DO NOT purchase any of their products over the phone. If you really want to try an exercise program or beauty supplement of theirs, go through Amazon instead. That way you're not dealing with someone trained to add unnecessary items to your purchase.




I have been using the products for a month now and like them.I have used everything and some products are better than others.

So far I don't see a dramatic change but I do take care of my skin so maybe not much improvement will happen unless I get surgery.

The one thing I found is the Polish Scrub needs to be kept away from the eyes and the lips for me, it cause a little dryness and a fever sore on my lip which happens when I use anything with Retinol.I did order the next order and going to give it another 3 months.


Im only posting cause i find this sad and a bias negative opinion from a crazy disgruntle employee being dished out as truth.I came across this looking for information on my old job description working with Timeless Secret as a beauty rep.

The GIRL and i stress "girl" who wrote this, "Mgme" had way more issues than just her skin. As customer service reps we are to be polite, patient, active listeners and compassionate amongst other things. She was simply a mean bi-polar crazy dramatic ***. She was constantly arguing with other beauty reps on non related work issues arguing with trainers for the amount of skin care research and competitive product research we had to do (which was ALL we had to do while getting paid $12 dollars a hour) to be informed and best assist the customers when they do start calling.

The product hadnt really launched yet, no infomercial was aired so there were no real customers, and we were "customer service reps" so u can imagine our work load was fairly easy. She was a negative nagging energy with a smug attitude and was always stirring up drama and problems amongst our team then would complain no one likes her. Aside from all of that.. 1) she claimed during the first day of our training that she was allergic to grass, dirt, milk and sunlight...

that shouldve been a redflag for her to NOT use the product given such sensitive skin issues. They did urge us to try the products (but this was not MANDATORY) for familiarity on usage to be able to understand and relate with the customers on every aspect. The training was on skin types, skin care, and product knowledge, and all the INGREDIENTS which we had a full list of and they even had the chemist of the product come to give us a very scientific break down on how they formulate the product. She was the only one to react to it and the reaction only made her skin dry and patchy around her eyes which to me seemed like it couldve been from over use and too much rubbing becuz thats the most sensitive area of our face and she wore heavy eyeliner and eye shadow daily.

so removing that couldve been partly the problem but there was NO SWELLING OR EYES SHUT. i saw her everyday it wasnt like she described at all. Management asked her if she wanted to see a dermatologist that they would pay for it and she REFUSED just complained!! She was through a temp agency as a lot of us were and weeks after her breaking out she was fired on an unrelated issue from causing drama, missing days of work, and seemingly trying to get some one else fired.

The product itself really worked. I instantly noticed the brightness and firming of my own skin. I no longer work for this company and left simply cuz of better job offers so i dont continue to use it cuz personally its an unnecessary cost to me at this point cuz im young and really dont have wrinkles to address yet. but i would recommend this for others with those skin concerns looking for a healthy regimen.

ive ordered it for relatives that continue to use it and love it. Be careful when choosing skin care not everything works the same for everybody and with anything you order on tv or online u gotta read the fine print and pay attention to what you are agreeing to. it is their job to upsell you and enroll u into continuities so just be smart. and if you arent pleased simply call them back cuz its also their job to comply with what YOU WANT at the end of the day!

This was a bad representation of the company. I would like to say this is why you cant just trust what you read off of the internet.

some people have personal agendas and serious issues.Hope this was helpful


Timeless Secret is f'ing awesome! It works just fine for me. Sorry to hear you had such a horrible experience, Mgme.


Gees..I knew that this was fraudulent!I have been waiting and waiting for my THANK GOD I don't think it went through...HAS anyone noticed they don't have an area for you to check your order????

Thank you to the employee...I won't get this junk.

Have you ever gotten an attorney or this..???I sure hope so.


I was thinking of ordering after I saw the commercial, but am thinking otherwise after reading the comment from the past employee.Why did you not seek out an attorney for this problem.

At the very least they should have paid for you to see a doctor.

I don't believe she is trying to give the company a bad name, just for the *** of it. Really, this sort of stuff happens all the time people! Thanks for the internet so the word gets out.

I don't care if she has "sensitive" skin or not, this company should not have treated her like this. It goes to show you how they would treat a customer also if there was a problem.

Don't need it!I will stick to the Murad products I use that work great for me.


I absolutely LOVE Timeless Secret. I've been using it for a little more than 2 years, and my skin is so firm and has great elasticity. My fine lines and wrinkles have diminished, and even my neck skin has tightened and looks better than it did 10 years ago. I receive compliments on my skin all the time.

Yes, I will admit that I think that the "14-Day Claim to Fame" is a little rediculous. I think Timeless Secret would be better off if they stated that consistant use over a 1 year period of time will show significant results, but then, would you have tried it. Let's face it, we all want a quick fix. BUT, I've learned that with weight loss and skin care, there is NO quick fix that will provide long-term results.

Come on, let's get real and give 100% of our efforts to these products.

I LOVE MY SKIN. I plan to use Timeless Secret until it is no longer provided.


Glad i found these comments, on several website, and it only makes sense, u get what u pay for. I will NOT be buying this product and stick with my proX, thanks!


i been using timeless secret for a while and i love it i think you lady with the bad experience have issues with something else and had to blame it on timeless secret. if it was that bad im sure it would of been on the news. cause the best thing for your skin is the vitamin c and i know that theres lots of vitamin c.


i been using timeless secret for a while and i love it i think you lady with the bad experience have issues with something else and had to blame it on timeless secret. if it was that bad im sure it would of been on the news. cause the best thing for your skin is the vitamin c and i know that theres lots of vitamin c.


Timeless Secret Anti Aging products are ***!If you really want to purchase something to help with aging I advise you to look up ingredients best used to do so on medical websites.

That's what I did, I am paying about $100.00 every 3 months for a product I use but if you read the ingredients and research them you will see for yourself that Beautisol's 99% Peptide formula is what you are looking for. Believe me I know how discouraging it is to find a good product I researched for a month straight day and night! Be the judge for yourself, I'm sure you wouldn't just buy a car without doing research so research the ingredients in Timeless vs what is agreed upon for anti aging and you will see Timeless Secret is *** too! Bottom line is you get what you pay for, freebies are a dead give away for poor products.

If you liked the freebie of the exfoliator/cleanser you should look into Beautisol's "Go Slough Yourself" ($17/bottle will last more than 90 days if you use it sparingly) this stuff rocks and believe me I tried them all, drug store brands, tv informercial products and freebies.I AM NOT A PAID EMPLOYEE/CUSTOMER FOR Beautisol AT ALL,(believe me I know you think I'm b'sing you)I just think it's nice to pass on a good find.


it burned my face and gave me moreeeeeee wrinkles!do not buy,you'll be sorry!


Thank you for the warning.I was about to buy it, of course I won't now.

Thank you again, B.



I am awaiting my first order of Timeless Secret.As for the disgrundled "temp", why stay with a job that was so unfair?

I think this employee was let go, hence the word "temp", and is using the internet to ruin the reputation of Timeless Secret.That is childish, truly.


I love timeless secret products, my skin is so much softer then it used to be, I am so glad I found them


@Mgme - I feel bad for what happened to you.Sensitive skin or not.

The manager should have take you to the dermatologist. It is sad that companies are so heartless, greed runs through their veins and hearts, oh sorry, they don't have a heart. No human decency, consideration. How would they like it if it happened to someone in their family?

Thank you for posting, I almost ordered it.I will not do business with uncaring, money hungry hoodlums.


She took a long time to write a long post.People don't do that for no reason.

I, myself, have taken to the Web to warn consumers about bad products/companies/doctors/etc; maybe someone else is doing it, too.

I think the point is, is it worth the chance?We all know most of these wrinkle products are scams, so I don't think it's worth taking a chance on wasting my money, esp when the company is possibly this terrible.


This is a bunch of ***. I love the Timeless Secret. :(


Seriously... if such miraculous products existed it would be all over the stores and sold for a small fortune rather than on a TV infomercial aired at 2 am for $30 !!!


It's hard to know if the post info is trustworthy or not. However, to be honest, I can't say that I trust the makers of the product when the President/spokeswoman is as fake as her orange tan and obviously colored contact lenses. If you're selling natural beauty, shouldn't you represent it?


:cry :x :eek


wow sounds like someone is trying to make a lawsuit! Timeless Secret i would cross every T and dot every I on your products. there are a lot of crazys out there.


:) me and my husband are very happy with this skin care.i think some people have skin that is very sensitive.

my 14 year old is very sensitive to can try the make your own kit by calling and do 3 monthly payments thats what i did i only orderd the 90 day it last longer.if you know you have sensitive skin dont try it.


if a company treats their ex-employees so unprofessionally, imagine how they treat their customers.if any of this is true, it was a temp employee for crying out loud!!

like someone else said, why would they stoop so low as to even respond to this - or at worse, respond the way they did.

it's like a fight between 5 year olds.should we really be considering purchasing from a company like this.


Wow, can't believe that a rep from what is supposed to be a "professional" company would reply to the postings of what they consider a disgruntled employee!Why would a company stoop so low and put themselves out there like that.

Hiring and firing practices are supposed to be confidential and a company should never put themselves out there like that (that is why they pay lawyers)... for a company rep to consider and write that someone was putting hotsauce in their eyes is completly unprofessional and ridiculous.

I mean really???Shame Beach Body is a part of this company - i've purchased their p90 products so kinda bummed that they are affiliated to this other company...


This post is unbelievable.

I've used Timeless Secret for a year now and I couldn't be happier.

This lie should be taken down


I'm not actually Cathy; I just wanted to see if there was a way anyone on this page could portray themselves as anyone.If that's the case, that means Mgme could have been portrayed by someone else in Mgme's last reply in order to make the real Mgme look bad and dishonest.

(Mgme said she would not make another reply; this was before her last reply.) On the other hand, ghostbuster's assumptions could be true. So at this point, I'm not sure what to believe. I just know that anyone can be anyone on this page. Who knows?

I might be Carl Daikeler, the CEO and Chairman for Beachbody.

Okay, just kidding.But you all get the point right?


thanks to everyone for their input about Timeless Secret. I'm so glad we have reviews now, so we don't all get more ways than one.


Sent my kit back today and will stay with my Olay regimen.Exfoliating lotion doesnt have anything in it to do a good job, the wrinkel eraser just sits on the surface, doesnt soak in, even after 12 hours.

I feel oily and dirty.

Way to expensive and totally useless.What a waste.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #148642

Actually Jocie, if you look at the complaints closely you will notice something. Mgme, who is supposed to be the fired employee also posted the reasons that she was fired pretending to be PPC. Now she is taking this to court. This happened two years ago and hopefully they will see her for the fraud she is.

Even if it was PPC that wrote this it seems like Mgme was often five minutes and thinks that being five minutes late is acceptable which isn't.

Mgme, you say you are being truthful about everything, however you were caught in your own lies which is where you pretended to be PPC, with this going on why should we believe anything you say.

Dishonesty - That is exactely what the OP wants you to believe, however if you look closely like Ghostbuster said, you will notice one reply from her which is is badmouthing her, telling all the faults as if it was written by the company itself. if someone has to stoop that low, to slander a company than that is just sad indeed. Mgme is infact Breakthrough in Beauty. She is pretending to be the reps from the company to make them look bad. If she had not slipped up and used her original account she would have gotton away with it, however it the evidence is plain simple MGME is Breakthrough in beauty. Hopefully they will see this evidence in court. Whether she is being honest of being fired or not is not the issue anymore.


I did another research for this product. I found another review, this woman ruined her skin by using this product. Don't take a chance I'd rather stay what I am using now.

If you are smart do not buy this.

I only buy product with excellent reviews from customers.


I was going to this product but the reviews shows alot of negative opinion from customers. I think this is scam product and compay just want to make money.


I am glad I google this!! I can't believe this company!

I almost got sooooo tempted to call the 800 which is different

than prev comments ! Si they must change their # s it scares me to even

think this company is for reals!

I'd rather not take a chance on this product!'


I think I will wait until they start flogging this product in Walmart or the Showcase store they always end up there.


I am so glad I googled this product. I can't believe I almost ordered it!! Crooks!


I, like M.L., tried Timeless Secret before reading everything here--and I can say it is the best skin care line I have ever used. I have used it for 9 months and get compliments all the time on how great my skin looks. If you have sensitive skin, stick to special products for that skin type--for the rest of us, Timeless Secret is great (and no, I don't have any relationship to the company).


I ordered the trial kit in December 09 and it was shipped to me within one week.I like the night cream but not the day cream.

It's kind of dry and don't stay very well on your skin. The booster made my eyes sleep and it irritated my eyes each time I used it.

I called the customer service line to cancel any futher shippment until I done with the trial kit.

They tried to convience me not to cancel and tell me that I can extended the shippment date but I refused and damend to cancel any future shippment.The rep finally cancelled it.


I have tried the product.It is a decent enough product however it did begin to irritate my skin.

There are many products on store shelf equivalent to these products where you may purchase at your own will. I can't seem to cancel my order now. They keep you on hold until you hang up.

You can't get through via web to cancel.Has anyone tried to cancel this?


I just watched the infomercial.I looked up the reviews and even though this one caught my eye I still decided to place an order.

I called the number on the infom. 800-890-6892 and it was DISCONNECTED. So I went to the web site. I still figured I wanted to try the product.

I called 800-601-8119 (a TOTALLY different number from the infom). I noticed on the web site the products looked different than what they appeared to be selling on the infom. So I asked. What do you get in your normal packet.

He said the AM, PM and the wrinkle stick thing. I asked about the foaming cleanser that they show on the infom. He said that is an "upgrade". Wait..

an "upgrade"? that is the product I really wanted to try. So... with the number being disconnected and then the products being different than what they are showing on the infom, I feel this is a bait and switch.

The product might be great, it might not, but when I see bait and switch tactics and disconnected numbers on an infom I JUST watched minutes ago... I'm done. I said bye and hung up. Too bad, I really did want to try the products.

But NO WAY.They are NOT getting my credit card number.


I just received the Timeless Secret product and was excited to try it.After one use my skin was very dry, red and felt burnt.

I don't necessarily believe mgme but my skin is definitely not feeling great at all. I can't put anything on my face because it hurts too much. I don't recommend this product but I am sure it will work for some.

My skin is not normally sensitive so I must have an allergy to the product.Just make sure you don't before using it.


I am sad to see that in order to purchase this product the buyer is locked into auto payments.I was very interested in trying it, but under no circumstances will I ever obligate myself to this type of billing.

I've been in this situation before and the ordeal of having to call and go through a 'retention specialist' is more stress than it's worth.

It's also disappointing to see the company feels the need to do business this way.It makes me question the credibility of the product.

Does anyone know of a way to purchase this product without going through the company directly?


I have been using Timeless Secret for almost a year.I do NOT work for the company.

I have fair, sensitive skin and this product is great for me. It has done what the company says it would do. I never had burns or rashes or swelling. I read this persons letter and without even researching it I new it was Cr--!

The only reason why I found this site was because I was looking for a review for my friend who is thinking about using it because she likes how my skin looks since I've been using it.:)


Obviosly the reps from the company are making comments that are not true.Obviously this girl had problems with the skin care.

I just saw the infomercial and decided to check the reviews.... Glad I did!

I won't order from this company just because I can tell they are lying!Sorry Timeleesecret!!!


Mgme is lying, I swear.Look at the replies closely.

Why would Timeless Secret respond to a previous employee on a forum like this... and on a Sunday? The entire conversation took place on the same day. Totally bogus I think.

And I highly doubt Timeless Secret would disclose the reason for "firing" an employee on a public website for legal reasons. I think Mgme is just trying to bad mouth the company. I use Timeless Secret and absolutely love it. Their customer service peeps are so nice too.

No, I don't work for the company.I just saw an infomercial two months ago and bought it.


I saw this infomercial last night and decided to research it today. Glad I did because there's no way I'd take a chance with this ***. The mgt comments about an employee's termination are VERY unprofessional, and I'd never take a chance on a person or company with such a lack of professionalism.


This is very sad for both the company and consumer.The ads for timeless secret are airing and my one problem is they have one African American Women which may not work for this nationality because many African American women have sensitive skin and according to the label on the product and the consumer complaint it burns the skin.

I no I will not be will to take this chance and get burnt skin. The company should do something to address this concern. The other problem is having auto billing.

I prefer to pay as I go so I won't have go and cancel which is a tactic that companies use to get your money because people get busy leaving no time to cancel.I really hope this product is not as the consumer said because this would be considered a scam.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #46971

There is something very interesting with these replies.First of all I investigated and most of the replies were made on a Sunday.

The letter itself was written on a Sunday. Most companies don't operate on a weekend. Even if they did it would take a while for them to recieve this letter much less reply to it. Also B&B would not post the reason that this person was fired that is confidental information.

What also amazes me is the replies between B&B and mgme are within a few minutes or hours after each other. I can understand mgme coming back to see her replies to her letter. However what are the chances of B&B seeing the letter and then replying to it within a few hours of it being typed. Even if this were the case the final blow to this impersonation of B&B is the very last reply from "mgme", where Mgme is talking in the form of B&B about how Mgme was a poor worker, did not show up for her shifts ect.

I think whoever wrote this letter was trying to make B&Blook bad only they messed up and posted from their Mgme account instead of their B&B account. If this is the case hopefully B&B gets this information and uses it in court.

Hopefully the OP will include a updated copy of this in her case with my suspicion of impersonation.If not well they will see where mgme messed up and used her "mgme" account instead of the B&B account.

Goldsboro, North Carolina, United States #45227

Actually, like I said in my last reply this person was caught stealing beauty products.The sad truth is she was written up many times.

She did have problems with the other two employees and the problem was she was being rude and disrespectful towards them. One incidient was in the lunch room when she was making a comment about the smell of the food one of them was eating. saying she should make a sandwich and leave the smelly food at home. The second employee told her not to be rude and she told them to mind her own business and started yelling at her.

She was late on more than one or two occassions as she claims and she has missed more than one training session. We allowed her to miss the one for her cousin's funeral because that is family business but she also missed two other's. One she claimed she was out late at night and could not get up early for the training session, and the second time she had to attend a party.

There were even times when she would not call in and say she was not comnig.

When she was late she was more than five minutes late.She was infact half an hour late at one time.

Goldsboro, North Carolina, United States #45224

Well, I am not going to judge anyone. There are two sides to this story, prehaps Timeless Secret is lying, or perhaps Mgme is. Hopefully the truth will come out.


These are all COMPLETE lies.

-I was at every single training session. I only missed ONE day of work which was NOT during training and that was to attend my cousin's funeral. I was NEVER given a warning regarding attendance because I only missed one day and was always on time.

-As far as long lunch breaks I may have been back MAYBE 5 minutes late on a couple of occassions and this was NEVER a problem or brought up to me. I NEVER took coffee breaks...I do not drink coffee...and many times I did not even go on my mandated 15 minute breaks...I just sat at my desk and read.

-As far as getting along with other employees there were two employees in particular that were constantly mocking and harassing allowed this to go on even after those employees disrespected and demeaned even them. That had NOTHING to do with my being fired...I was fired because they did not want to take responsibility and pay worker's compensation.

-STEALING BEAUTY PRODUCTS? This is a call center. We had NO direct access to the beauty products other than the ones that were given to us to take home and use! It is absolutely deplorable that they would accuse me of stealing!! This just shows how completely unethical these people are.

-And now they are accusing me of "dampening" my eyes with hot sauce? And saying I would LIE to my dermatologist by putting hot sauce in my own eyes? Wow these people are dirty and low. If I had done that my eyes would probably also be very red and tearing up, which they were not...they were just swollen...and this was days later because the incident occurred on a Friday and they saw the swelling on Monday. And, by the way, hot sauce doesn't cause dry patches and cysts, morons.

-These people are 100% lying. MY LAWYER HAS NEVER CONTACTED THEM BECAUSE I DO NOT EVEN HAVE A LAWYER. What idiots! But I will now with all these lies they are telling about me. They were contacted by the temp agency in order to get the ingredient listing ONLY after they ignored my request for 2 or 3 business days. I NEVER refused care and I didn't even SEE a dermatologist until last month. All lies, all filthy slander. It is true that I had access to the product ingredients...EXCEPT for the eye makeup remover which is what was determined to have caused the irritation in the first place...and I am being truthful about EVERYTHING.

-Again about the stealing I had NO access to the beauty products...I did not steal...and because of all these slanderous comments I am for sure going through with a lawsuit. Congrats, Timeless Secret.

And thanks for commenting because now everyone has first hand knowledge of how low you people really are...

I will no longer comment here. I had decided not to go through with suing this company and just let it go, but after these slanderous comments I will without a doubt take action.

Goldsboro, North Carolina, United States #45215

Like I said we have put up with a lot of things from this employee and were kind to her. We gave her another chance, but when you are stealing there is no second chance. There is a lot we can put up with, but stealing is not one of them.

Goldsboro, North Carolina, United States #45213

This person worked with back in June/July. Actually the real reason this person was fired was for several reasons. First of all she refused to take the mandatory training sessions, she claimed she had no time. She was given a warning about this and told that if she did not take the mandatory training session she would no longer be working with us. There were other problems with this individual. She took long lunch and coffee breaks. She did not get along with the other employees. Even with all this we decided to give her a chance, but the day she was fired she had stolen several beauty products from from us.

After she was fired she came back claiming that her eyes were swollen. It looked like she had damped her eyes with hot sauce. She went to the dermatologist, who told her to get a list of the ingredients that were available in the product. We later contacted her and offered to not only pay for her dermatologist but also to give her a list of the ingredients and she refused both offers saying she is not taking anything from us(the fee for the dermatologist) and that without her lawyer she refuses to get a list of the ingredients. Well this all happened back in July, and we still have not had a chance to give her or her lawyer a list of ingredients because she refuses. We tried to settle this on several different occassions but she refuses to take the ingredients list without a lawyer. She does not even need a list of the ingredients from us as they were written on the packages that we gave her when we told her to try out the products herself.

I admit that our products can cause a burning sensation, or swollen skin if you have sensitive skin, or allergies. All this information is written on the contents telling the customer to stop using the product if these condititions occur. Basically you can have these conditions with any Skin care product.

Also the buring sensation and swollen eyes did not last for five days, it only lasted that one day, and she has told several workers that if she could fool the dermatologist by putting hot sauce on her eyes and get back at us that she would.

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